Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Avengers Box set

People have wanted a Kang figure for a while. Now it's available. But only at the Disney store! Packaged with figures you can get in the upcoming Avengers wave of minimates. So really that means people are going to be selling Kang on e-bay for the exact same cost as the entire set. Which really, is the best reason to buy a set with 3 minimates that you already have since the Avenger figures are the exact same figures from wave 44.

 Does that mean I just bought this whole set for the Kang figure?

Yes. Yes it does.

Fortunately this has the new version of Ant Man, and I'm digging the figure even more than the original Ant Man figure. Also the Hulk figure comes with some cement he apparently ripped out of the ground. Although really, this is just me trying to justify buying 4 figures when I just wanted Kang.

On a similar note, I'm NOT buying the other Avengers Disney Store exclusive box set that features the exclusive Grim Reaper figure. Because the Grim Reaper is a dude with a scythe where his hand should be. Oh sure, it's a high tech scythe, but it's a silly gimmick and that's why he only shows up when they need to give some angst to his brother Wonder Man.

Meanwhile Kang is a time traveller and time travellers are awesome. And that's why I got this set.


  1. Oh man...why did they go with the 90s Professor Hulk? The rest are fine...but the 90s hulk SUCKED. lol

  2. Is that the Professor Hulk? Bummer. At lest your got Kang.