Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michael Jackson: Thriller version

I really thought I'd have to pay a lot of money for this.

Hot Toys figures are already really expensive, so what happens when you release a figure depicting one of America's most celebrated singers as he appeared during his most popular/successful periods of his career? Oh, wait, one more. Let's add another morbid element to this. What if just after that, he dies while relatively youthful? Yup, it suddenly becomes an in demand item among collectors, speculators and people with an ironic sense of appreciation. Because humanity is horrible.

I wonder how many people picked up this figure because it came with an zombie alternate head and costume to depict the Thriller sequence everyone loves. Because somehow buying a figure of a celebrity as a zombie right after he dies seems like it's in bad taste. Or is it hilarious? This age of cynical irony makes it really hard to tell. Yeah, that's right, I'm blaming the times we live in. Not my own morbid sense of humor.

Or... Is it because as a kid that Thriller video really freaked me out? Am I trying to somehow control my fears by owning that which as a child scared me? What do you think "in poor taste" variant of Michael Jackson?

Too soon?

(Incidentally, it was a huge pain in the ass switching heads. I can see why some people just opted to buy a second body and display them next to each other. Every moment I was trying to pull one head off and then push the other head on I felt like I was going to damage the plastic chest cavity with my grip. To prove that is a good idea, Hot Toys even included an extra set of pants and shirt, so you don't rustle up more to cover up your 2nd figure on the internet.)

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