Monday, July 30, 2012

Starman (Kingdom Come version)

Continuing my confusing decision to collect all the DCUC figures depicting the Starman legacy, something which I am only now realizing I've never actually written on this blog... So yeah, I've been picking up some of the Starman figures. I did write about the Buyer's remorse I had when I picked up a Jack Knight Starman, but since then I've picked up a Ted Knight Starman at Tuesday morning at 1/2 MSRP and a Stargirl because I was just kinda excited to find one. I'm not opening any of them, just putting them up on my wall in their packaging. I think I'm doing this because I loved the James Robinson series from the 90's, but it's also possible that I'm confusing my mild enjoyment of the Jeff Bridges movie for my mild enjoyment of these characters.

And then I bought the Starman from the Mattel Subscription line off of AJ because he said he didn't want it. Actually the cost wasn't too bad, and the fact that THIS Starman is also a character from the Legion of Superheroes means I'm not feeling too much Buyer's remorse on this purchase. Even if the packaging makes him look out of place.

One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things is not the same.
Actually the lack of accessories disturbs me a bit, although it's not like the character actually has an iconic accessory. Maybe a sloppy joe. See, when Starman traveled to the past from the 30th century, the medicines of the 21st century were unable to treat his mental illness. So he spent his off hours in a mental institution where he loved to eat sloppy joes. That's why they included an alternate head, he takes off his mask to eat sloppy joes.

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