Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Richard Nixon

When I got back into 1:6 scale figures, I knew I was going to get this figure eventually. He's not just a President, he's Richard F-ING Nixon. He was made as part of the "Talking Presidents" line of 1:6 scale figures. It's kinda odd really, even if you're into Conservatives, Nixon's one of the most notorious Presidents of all time. The whole part where he broke the law and almost brought down the respectability of the office is kind of important.

Which is why this figure's accessories and packaging mystify me. Like all the Talking Presidents figures he comes with a 3 foot long timeline of his life. Oddly enough the timeline fails to denote Watergate, or his resigning from office. It lists him being elected, him being re-elected, then notes that he gave an interview where he talked about Watergate. It's like the thing was written by the old Nixon Presidential library. Back when it was run not by a federal agency but a private group associated with Nixon, the library pretty much ignored anything negative about Nixon, completely pretending that Watergate never happened. I can't say I'd blame him, if I had my own Presidential library it would have a display of me fighting animatronic dinosaurs.

The figure itself is a pretty standard 1:6 scale figure. Articulation is plentiful but limited, and the suit prevents the arms from attaining their full posing potential. (Which is similar to real suits.) He only comes with one set of hands, and they're permanently posed in his famous "Victory" gesture. If you bring them over his head, like he used to do, his entire suit scrunches up around his neck just like it did in real life. It's an odd coincidence... or AMAZINGLY LIFELIKE DESIGN.

I'm glad I got him for a semi-reasonable price. It's insane to me that this figure, when it can be found on e-Bay, goes for $90 or so.

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