Friday, August 10, 2012


Oh hey, Aqualad from the Young Justice cartoon.

He's the son of Black Manta who has turned against his father's evil ways and become Aquaman's new assistant/sidekick/protege. He's from the Young Justice cartoon and once was in the comic books, but they got rid of him so they could do the New 52. Because why have a comic book that is easily accessible to millions of television viewers to sell a comic to a few thousand readers?

Yeah, not a fan of the New 52.

Meanwhile this figure is a typical DCUC figure, with warped legs and stiff joints. As with other Young Justice DCUC figures, this comes with an elaborate base. The water plume is attached to the large pipe in the diorama. Which is a shame, it's done the near impossible task of making me hate a generic diorama for figures. I don't care about this diorama now, that water plume prevents the base from being a useful diorama for other figures. That's a shame. It's not even water just shooting out of the pipe, it's water that's clearly being manipulated by someone with water powers. Batman can not stand in that diorama and have it make sense. Batman doesn't have any villains that are invisible water magicians. Not unless New 52 is stupider than I thought.

Really, if you can't get this figure for 1/2 off, don't bother.

Getting this in my hands has convinced me not to get that $50 Superboy/Miss Martian set on Mattycollector. With no accessories there's no way they'd be worth the price. Especially considering I hate the costume they put Miss Martian in.


  1. I been wanting to pick-up a Red Arrow and Sportsmaster ones now that they are on markdown but i have not seen them in my area now. I think the collectors all swooped in and bought them all up.

  2. I've seen the Red Arrow in TJ Maxx, and I saw the Sportsmaster in Target. But not anymore.