Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christmas Yoda

Christmas Yoda comes with some glorious 1:6 accessories, like a ball, a sack of toys and a wooden bilding block that has the sides spelling out "Yoda," because Yoda is an insane narcissist. "Spell my name correctly, all children will," Yoda must have been thinking when he carved the block. Or maybe its even more insidious. Having found Santa Claus's magical bag of toys and seeing that one of the blocks spells his name, Yoda decided that the bag was intended for him, and he is now hauling ass with all the toys meant for good children. Sorry kids, no toys for you, not unless you can defeat a Jedi Master.

It's cheaper than regular Yoda, but Sideshow did right by fans, sorta. His costume is first rate, his hat comes off in case you don't want him to be hatted (although once you take it off, it's sort of hard to get it to stay on for long periods of time.) Articulation is the same as regular Sideshow Yoda, so it's insanely good for the size.

And yes, Virginia,  he really is in 1:6 scale.

1 comment:

  1. Selfish Jerk, Yoda is.

    Better not be any of my toys in the bag I tell you what.