Monday, August 27, 2012

Thor and Amaretsu

It always weirds me out when they do non humanoid minimates. They don't look like minimates, but when you take them apart you realize that they use minimate elements to build the figure. Weird. This exclusive Toys R Us set features Thor and Amaretsu. Amaretsu is from the video game Okami, which I have never played, so I didn't know she was a she. All I knew was that damn dog is beloved by Marvel vs. Capcom players where I work because of her insanely hard to block super move.

Thor looks very annoyed at being packed with a dog. But he comes with the spinning hammer that has a peg that can be put in one of the hand holes to make it look like Thor's about to throw his hammer. It's appeared with recent Thor minimates, and I blame the movie that had him spin his hammer a few times and not make it look totally ridiculous. But seriously, what's with the face? He looks like he's having a temper tantrum.

 Like I said, Amaretsu is not a character I'm familiar with. But as a dog minifigure this is pretty sweet. She even comes with a clear stand to simulate the look of her leaping or running in the air. (This does mean there's a hole in the bottom of her torso, but it's a shallow hole and not noticeable unless you turn the figure upside down.


  1. i passed on this one 'cause i have 2 Thors already, but it IS cool!

  2. I... want... Amaretsu!!
    Yep, I have some weakness with toy wolves, I simply LOVE them!!