Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spinister (I swear I thought it said Spinster. I wish it was.)

Blind packed Transformers Kre-ons are out there. I got one at the toy show on Saturday. As suspected, they transform but not in an impressive fashion. Case in point: Spinister, who I thought was called Spinster until I checked again. I kinda wish it was Spinster. Not enough transformers are named after euphemisms for old ladies.

As you can see, Spinister comes with a big gun. Why is it so big? So you can then attack it to his torso, then push him over. And VOILA

 Helicopter. But only if you look at it at the right angle. If you don't look at it just right, it looks like your figure fell over.

TRANSFORMERS! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! You thought it was a tipped over robot?! NO! IT'S A HELICOPTER! FOOL!

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a big name character, like Galvatron, but they're blind packed and this was the only one the dealer had left. Still, at least the paint is done well. If that had sucked this would have been a horrible waste of money.


  1. Cool! I will be getting some of these when they surface in my area.

  2. I found Kre-on boxes in the toy aisles at the shopping center. I wasn't sure if they were as cool as Legos, but after seing these photos I know now Kre-ons are that cool!!