Friday, August 17, 2012


I hated playing as Raphael in the TMNT video games because his sais had the worst reach. But think about it, Raph had the least advantage when Splinter handed out weapons so he had to be the toughest and most skilled. He's in your face because he has to be. It's no Raphael's fault that he's rude, he had to be in order to survive.

Unless he picked the sais himself, in which case, yes, you can blame him for being something of a dick.

Anyone else notice that these things are $7.77 at Wal-mart? I bought it with a clearance Hot Wheels Batmobile and after tax it cost less than getting one at Target, with the 5% off you get with the Target card. Just saying, if anything was going to convince me to get one of these figures, being really inexpensive was the thing to do it.


  1. Not a bad price at all! I have the set of four Turtles and i really like them a lot.