Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Borderlands was an awesome game, and I can't wait for the sequel next month, but I can't say I really thought of any of the characters as iconic. Except maybe the wacky robot sidekicks, the little guys with a personality disorder that makes you wonder who the hell programmed them and why did they feel like trolling the entire planet.

I'm shocked they made a toy of this guy. As a toy he seems larger than he should be, but he's actually to scale with the other Borderlands figure. Clap Traps should come up to a person's stomach, just about. The arms have a decent amount of articulation, the wheel spins, and both his eye and shoulder flaps are articulated.

Of course he can't stand up unless you use the special stand. ClapTrap has a shallow recess that you can use to insert the stand, although the stand isn't very stable and accidentally hitting the table could jostle the stand loose and the whole thing tumbles over,

I did sort of find a solution by cutting some holes in a minimates packaging case. It's almost like he's old enough to take his first steps. Although he's technically from the future so age metrics don't apply to him the same way.


  1. Iv never played the game but I really like this figure, It looks like it would make a good companion to WallE.