Friday, July 6, 2012

Hex Bug, gift card

So there's a new Target gift card and it includes a free Hex Bug attached to it. So I figured, why not, free Hex Bug. It's designed to look like a caterpillar and includes wings to turn it into a butterfly.

If you've wandered the toy aisles you've probably seen Hex Bugs. I sure have. Of course I also had no idea what they were. Well now I do.

It's basically a Zhu-Zhu pet but much smaller and faster. I turned it on and it began vibrating and moving and I almost lost it because it went so fast that I could barely keep track of it. I was only able to pick it up because it got lodged in a pile of junk I had at the end of the table. If I had turned this on in my kitchen, I'm pretty sure it'd be under the fridge right now.

So yeah, I see why Hex Bugs wants you to buy their little bug tracks.


  1. I have always been curious about their other offerings like the worm and the ant. They actually look pretty cool, just not $10 cool!