Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sentinel and First Appearance Ryu

There are some uncomfortable implications made by doing a  Sentinel / Ryu two-pack. Since Sentinels are designed to only hunt mutants, does this mean that Ryu, maybe even all the Street Fighter characters, gained the ability to shoot fireballs and whatever because they're mutants and not because they've trained and mastered martial arts? It makes sense, after all, if fireballs could be created by anyone who trained long enough, you'd probably see more people attend martial arts classes. And Karate Kid would have been a much more exciting movie.

I already have a Sentinel minimate and I already have a Ryu minimate, so why get this set? Answer: The Sentinel looks different enough from the Sentinel I have that it's pretty much a new figure.

As for Ryu, this figure is pretty much a HUGE improvement over the Ryu minimate that was released in the old Street Fighter wave of minimates. And yes, this Ryu has the wrong colored hair (which I assume has something to do with the first appearance part of his title) but then so did the old Ryu minimate with its light brown hair. So I'll take this minimate and the red shoes that kinda look like ladies slippers. Also, a fireball so big it comes with its own stand to hold it up. The old Street Fighter minimate came with a fireball, but when you used it the figure would tip over because it was too heavy.

Improvements, yay.

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  1. The Ryu is nice and looks as far as i can remember pretty much like he did in the original Street Fighter/Fighting Street game.