Thursday, August 27, 2009

Star Trek Minimates: Captain Picard & Borg Drone

Originally posted at my old blog a year ago.

I like Star Trek, and I like minimates. But I'm not a huge fan of the original series. Oh, I like the characters just fine, but mostly as icons and for their place in the mythology rather than because of a fondness of the original show. I'm more of a TNG & DS9 type of guy.

Unfortunately this means I've been disappointed by the Star Trek Minimates line and its over-focus on the original series. Once I had the core 7 characters in uniform I was fine. I have no want of endless variations of Kirk or Spock. But that's what we got until Series 4. Series 4 finally takes us to the movies and spin-off shows. So after skipping Series 3, it's time to pick up some new Star Trek minimates.

Here's the packs I got. Picard/Borg (YES!) and Admiral Kirk/Dress Uniform Scotty (or as I like to call them, old men Kirk & Scotty). Dress Uniform Scotty is the variant figure this wave, I just don't consider Duty Uniform Scotty to be movie version Scotty. I just don't.

The TNG uniform on Picard is done well, although Patrick Stewart's head does not lend itself to the minimate form. It looks fat, like he's bloated or something. And oddly enough, it feels like he doesn't have enough hair. I'm almost sad they didn't do the one-piece sculted hair head, like on Doc Brown or Hannibal Lecter. I say almost, because now I can dick around and give Picard hair.

The Borg Drone on the other hand is awesome. He just looks so cool, and unlike the Cylons, actually looks like a minimate. A borgified minimate. And what's great is that under that chest piece and head piece is more borg designs. And the head piece has a hair peg! Which means you can borgify another character without losing this dude as a drone! I'm going to suddenly turn multiple characters into borg when I get bored. Its times like this that I love the modular aspect of minimates.

I want more Borg. You know that Cylon 5-pack? I hope the do that with the Borg.

Of course I also hope they release a Riker/Troi pack, so what do I know? (No really, I want this before Data and Geordi... I have plans for the Riker couple. Secret plans.)

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