Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vader Invasion: Week Later, Dollars Short

Here we go... finally found everything and have a free minute. So time to participate in Open the Toy's Vader Invasion. AJ can do another post if he wants to do his stuff, but this is all Timmy.

This Vader mask I bought for one reason. The lenses are warped enough that they're pretty close to my prescription lenses. It makes this one of the few masks I can wear without my glasses and still be able to see.

Removable helmet Vader was purchased in the late 90's. I had 3 eras of toy collecting. Childhood, the late 90's, and today. This was one of the ones I sought out, picking it up for way too much at a comic book convention. At the time I loved this toy, and it's adorable pasty white Anakin Skywalker. Also, removable hand. Of course that was before I really began to value articulation. The old Star Wars toys are pretty bad about that.

This vader was a gift from Mario when I started to get back into 3.75" scale figures. Although the articulation still isn't as great as I'd like, with cut joint elbows, but it was free, so can't beat that.

Galactic Heroes keychain: it's pretty much a Galactic Heroes vader with a keychain attached to it. It was a gift from my mother who picked it up from a sale. My mother knows I like "sci-fi stuff" so sometimes if she finds something on clearance she thinks I'll like she'll pick it up. It's usually hit or miss whether I do like it, but sometimes it's a pleasant surprise.

Case in point: Galactic Heroes Darth Tater keychain. You know you want one.
That's it for toys. I've got a few other things, but I feel pillow cases don't really count as toys.


  1. WOw! You have quite a collection there Timmy! I never see Galactic Heroes Darth Tater keychain from my part of the world. It's really eye opener. By the way, can you share other Vader's merchandise which you have? It should be eye opener. I never see Vader pillow cases at my area...It is a childhood dream to have a Vader bed. LOL

    Anyway I added your entry. Thanks for joining the movement. It's really good to read how how and what collector feeling about each of the vader toys. Sometime it is like walking down the memory lane. :)

  2. Yeah, I wanted to do this too, but I was lazy. I might end up posting my Vader figures anyway.