Friday, August 21, 2009

Lego Racers 1-3

Bad week. I'm sick and I'm moving at the end of the week. That means all my toys are being packed up, and the ones I haven't opened are all packed away. (FYI, I review toys once I've opened them, not when I buy them. So I've got my SDCC Doctor Who stuff, but I haven't opened them yet. After the move.)

That means I don't have a lot to review. Although for some reason my sick addled mind thinks it's a good idea to eat Happy Meals when I have a cold. Although only because I've become enamored with this month's Happy Meal toys. Lego Racers. This is the first Lego Happy Meal they've done in a while which actually has Lego parts. The past few have been action figure/statues based on the lego design. But these: These are in between.

Each racer is made up of three interchangeable parts that connect to one another using the lego design. This means they're customizable and that you can attach any other leg pieces to them.

And that's just enough Lego for me to be giddy. The end result is something that combines the customization and building potential of Lego with a sleeker, stream-lined design that eschews the normally craggy appearance of other Lego products. I approve. I haven't added the sticker/decals yet and I don't know if I ever will. I'm kind of digging the raw look they've got now.

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