Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buzz Lightyear (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Out of all the SDCC09 toys, the one I hoped would find its way into retail shelves was the 3.75" Buzz Lightyear. So when I spotted them at Toys R' Us as a retailer exclusive I snatched one up. Incdientally, the packaging is a bitch to get them out of.

I was very pleased by the articulation. The hips don't move much, but the elbows and knees are full ball-joints. Like 360 degree rotation witha 90 degree bend. You can make his knees bend backwards is what I'm saying, so doing the teapot pose is very simple.

But the reason I wanted a Buzz Lightyear in the 3.75" scale (as opposed to the larger scales available everywhere for about the same cost) is that I like it when toys are of similar scales. Because in my head, Buzz Lightyear just joined GI Joe.


  1. I almost picked up Rocky Gibraltar or whatever that wrestler figure's name is - man he's cool in this scale, and it's such a pleasure to see honest-to-God action figures of these movie characters which are action figures!

  2. Wow never knew these would make it to TRU! How much was this? I'd like one of these myself too!

  3. Interesting post and a nice pick..! That Buzz Lightyear is looking cute. Hope to get a similar one from Toys R Us.


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