Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vader Invasion: Even Later

Much delayed, here's my entry into Open The Toy's Vader Invasion event, where various toy bloggers catalogue all of their Darth Vader toys.

First off, I neglected to include a picture of my first Darth Vader figure, a reissue of the original Kenner Vader figure as part of a Power of the Force box set. I really didn't want to dig through piles of boxes in my closet to take a photo. It's got a vinyl cape and telescoping lightsaber blade that fits in the right arm. It's not the greatest figure ever made, but it did its job back in 1978. Too bad I got it for Christmas 1995.

OK, let's see some pictures now!

This is the first Vader figure from Kenner's Power of the Force line. It features the bulky, muscular proporions common in the early days of that line, but I actually like how this figure looks due to its imposing nature. Because of that, to this day this remains my default Vader figure.

On a side note: the lightsaber color is faded because once I accidently dropped it into a can of soda. Don't ask.

This 2002 Vader is from the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where he chops off his son's hand. The details of the sculpt are great, but Vader's stuck in an awkward pose to accomodate his lightsaber-swinging action. A much cooler action feature is his magnetic hand, which gives the figure a "force attact" action allowing it to pick up its lightsaber.

This 1999 Vader comes from the scene where he tortures his daughter. Isn't he something? He comes with an Imperial interrogation droid as well as a CommTech chip (I don't have a CommTech reader and I don't want one). Kind of a lackluster figure, actually. He can fold his arms on his chest and hide them under a cloth cape! But he doesn't have lightsaber! Totally worth five bucks! Well, I got it for less. In an auction with the CommTech Jawa, I think.

This deluxe Revenge of the Sith Vader has the best play value out of all them. He comes with an operating table (not included in the picture, because it can connect with other figure bases and I didn't want to take apart my desk display) where you can lay the figure down and attach pieces to transform him from post-lava bath Anakin Skywalker into "Make 'em say NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Darth Vader. The sculpting isn't as good as it could be (particularly on his undersized fried Anakin head), but a lot of that is to accomodate the Vader pieces that attach. And let me tell you, it's compulsively fun to detach and reattach the various Vader bits.

And those are my Vader figures! That's about four more than I actually need.

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  1. These four are landmark Vader no doubt. Hard to find now. Treasure it well buddy. :)

    Btw I added your link. Thanks for joining in the fun for sharing your vader collection. :D