Monday, August 3, 2009

Transporter Room

So I liked the look of the new Transporter Room playset, but damned if I was going to pay $30 for it. Then the toys didn't do very well and it was clearanced at $15, cheaper than the GI Joe Mole Pod, so I picked one up. I haven't picked up ap layset in years. As playsets go it's kinda nice, a good amount of plastic and it's the transporter room, one of the coolest parts about Star Trek.

The toy also came with a Scotty figure, but whatever, it looks like a generic dude in a red shirt. Also, one of his arms doesn't bend at the elbow despite there being a joint. It sort of confirms to me my assumption that these are horrible figures.

Actually the whole toy line is kind of crap. I like the playset, but the tube that transports figures? To get the figures into the tube you have to fit them into a small hollow space in the tube. Unfortunately the space isn't wide enough to fit any of the 3.75" figures I have. Actually, no, I did get Scotty in there, but only by cramming him in there, scraping his arms against the side of the tube. The only way I could get Scotty's arms into the damned tube was by squishing them as far behind his body as possible so they didn't stick out next to his torso, you know, like arms are supposed to do. What kind of playset can't actually fit the toys it was designed for?

Looks good, bad design for the play features. But I did get some of my Star Trek minimates to fit in there. All-in-all, as long I don't try to use the playset's action feature, it's fine.

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