Friday, July 31, 2009

Indiana Jones w/ Rocket Launcher

Mario finally received his Crystal Skeleton figure today, so in honor of this momentous occasion I thought I'd go over one of my favorite Indiana Jones figures.

This figure is from the second wave of Indy figures, dedicated to characters from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Remember that great scene where Indy sans his trademark hat and jacket took on the Russians with a rocket launcher? Of course you don't, because that scene didn't appear in the movie. At least it's not as egregious a screen-to-toy translation as the virtually every figure from Mattel's The Dark Knight. Regardless, it features my favorite sculpt of all the Indy figures I own. Even though it shares the same lower body as the Raiders of the Lost Ark Indy with golden idol, it doesn't suffer from the trapezoidal body dimensions that that figure does. It's got loads of articulation and comes with three basic accessories: rocket launcher (of course), coiled whip (which can hang off the figure's belt), and satchel. Like all Indiana Jones figures, this Indy was packed with a bonus "hidden relic" in a cardboard crate. In this case, you get the Dagger of Arteus. It's too big for any of the line's figures to use, so I suggest you follow my example by leaving it in the crate.

Indiana Jones was one of my most anticipated lines ever. Despite the initial poor sculpting and the premature end, I collected it with gusto, and the line definitely had some winners. Since you can still find a few figures on clearance, this is my personal recommendation for a plastic rendition of the world's coolest archeaologist. Too bad he doesn't come with a removable hat or an coiled whip, but hey, you can probably pick up a few more Indys for cheap that have that equipment.

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