Saturday, July 25, 2009

Metallo (Superman: The Animated Series)

I don't get why people are such fans of Mattel's Justice League animated-style toys. The Kenner DC animation offerings were far superior.

Metallo here came from the final wave of Superman: The Animated Series figures in the late 1990s. The wave was only released outside of the US, but eventually it got limited distribution here via Diamond, and some of the figures showed up in some four-pack exclusive sets.

The sculpt is fantastic; there's definitely no cut corners here. The wide stance can be off-putting, but still it's close enough to neutral that it'll look fine standing on a display shelf. The only error is that a sliver of torn shirt on the figure's right wrist is painted the same color as the cyborg arm. Suiting the character, push a button on his back and his chest panel opens up, revealing his Kryptonite heart. It's the best action feature you could ask for. Metallo also comes packaged with a missle-launching hover vehicle (hence the wide stance). It's an OK accessory, but you could live without it.

I know Mattel is coming out with an animated-style Metallo, but forget that. Chances are it'll be subpar. Get this awesome figure instead.

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