Monday, July 20, 2009

Slimed Peter Venkman & Slimer

I'm usually not a fan of "battle damaged" variants, but how could you not want a "Slimed" Peter Venkman. "Slimed" is one of the buzz words of the 80's for good reason. We children of that decade loved slime and people having slime applied to them with great speed... which could indicate something really wrong with us.

Plus Peter comes with Slimer. You want to talk the 80's, then you talk about Slimer. The cartoon was all about him. True, Slimer doesn't really fit the minimate mold (I don't recall him being the same size as Peter in the movie) but it's fricking Slimer, you gotta have him, so scale and design can be damned.

These are fun toys that capture one of the highlight moments of the movie, so I pretty much consider this the Ghostbuster minimate two-pack that encapsulates the entire line.

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