Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black Lantern Ring

I'm not really sold on "Blackest Night" DC's Summer Crossover (which isn't going to finish until winter) where dead heroes are ressurected as evil zombies and given black versions of the Green Lantern Ring. But I do love free stuff.

As part of the promotion of this big event DC sent comic book stores plastic Black Lantern Rings to give away with each issue of Blackest Night #1. The store I go to once a month had 10 left and one issue left so they were okay with me picking up one... or three.

The ring is surprisingly thick and sturdy for cheap plastic. It has a gap in the band to allow for larger fingers, but it fit on my hand without any "stretching." Although about 4 years ago, when I weighed more, that wouldn't have been the case, so I can appreciate that the gap is there.

The Black Lantern symbol does protrude from the ring a bit, so this isn't really something you can just wear and hope to be subtle. But for costing $0, this is pretty cool.


  1. very nice. I got one as well at the Canadian Fan expo and by one i mean 3

  2. I am so glad those fit well. I just ordered the whole set of eight and was worried about them not fitting well, but that looks pretty good. Thanks for posting a good pic of you wearing one.