Friday, July 10, 2009

Battle-Damaged T-800 & T-1000

When the Terminator 2 minimates were announced I decided early on that I really only wanted a T-800 "Arnold" minimate. The others I could take or leave. Then after seeing them in the store, I realized that I wanted a Robert Patrick T-1000. The only problem is that they're not really making a straight T-1000.

There's T-1000 all in silver liquid metal form. There's T-1000 as motorcycle cop (with helmet and aviator glasses). And there's this T-1000. The one with a big hole in its head and optional blown apart torso. This happens to be the only one not wearing aviator glasses, so it's sort of the best "Robert Patrick" minimate that will be available. (For now. Unless motorcycle cop comes with an alternate head.) I don't like the big hole in the head. Well actually I do, but I'd like a non-hole in the head version of this face.

Meanwhile Battle Damaged T-800 is sort of disappointing. The glowy transluscent legs aren't doing it for me. And the lack of an arm makes me feel like I'm being cheated out of a couple cents worth of plastic. That's a stupid way to feel considering that this set comes with an extra torso of blown up T-1000 liquid metal. And a shocked secondary T-1000 head that looks nothing like Robert Patrick.


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