Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Egon & Library Ghost

There's a new Ghostbusters game and interest in the property is up once again. So time to make Ghostbuster's toys!

As a kid Egon was my favorite Ghostbuster because he was the smart one. So you bet your ass I wanted an Egon minimate. He comes with a PKE meter & a Proton pack. WITH A STREAM!!!! He's available in the first boxset and in a two pack. (The boxset comes with Peter, Louis & Dana after the latter have been possessed by Vinz Clortho & Zuul, and a terror dog suit.) I might get the boxset one day, but it doesn't actually come with any ghosts. So I was definately leaning towards the two-pack, especially when I learned that the two-packs were going to be the only way to get any ghosts. And what a ghost! Egon comes with the first ghost to show up on screen! The Librarian Ghost!

So a bit of disclosure. I'm a Librarian. Toys of librarians tend to exemplify the steretype. (Or be of Batgirl.) In fact the one toy of a Librarian that most Librarians have on their desk is of real life librarian Nancy McPhee, with shushing action. So a toy of a Librarian that's kind of weird... I WANT!

And now I have it. Good days.

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