Friday, July 24, 2009

SDCC Toy News Round-Up

Every year, San Digeo Comic-Con becomes more important when it comes to big annual toys news. Here's my general impressions of this year's showings:

*Secret Wars Ultron figure.
*Luke Skywalker with Darth Vader's funeral pyre (not that I would buy one, but it's cool that they're considering making it).
*MORE INDIANA JONES FIGURES!!!! Yes, new two-packs are coming out to tie in with a video game release. I'll finally be able to get that unreleased Toht!
*A new Marvel Legends Deadpool. I never saw the first one in stores.
*DCUC Deadman. I'm probably going to get that.

*The poor Transformers showing. I don't care about the movie figures, we really didn't get any new Animated stuff, and Classics/Universe has nothing, because it's been on hiatus since before the movie came out.
*The new Star Wars Transformers Anakin figure. That thing just looks lame.
*Most of the Wal-Mart Wave DCUC figures. Several of the final sculpts just aren't that good. Additionally, the Collect-N-Connect Imperiex looks ridiculous, but in that particular case it's more the fault of the original design.
*DCUC The Shark. God, that thing looks awful. A strong candiate for the nadir of Mattel's tendency to reuse sculpts.
*DCUC Animal Man/B'wanna Beast two-pack. I'd go out of my way to get a really good Animal Man figure. I'd go out of my way to not get a B'wanna Beast figure.

*More Masters of the Universe Classics figures. I'm not paying $20 for a He-Man figure that's out of scale with my 2002 line anyway. Battle Cat is alright, though.
*Infinite Heroes Supergirl, packaged so that it looks like Superman is holding her corpse. Cool in theory, pretty silly in practice.
*DCUC Steppenwolf. The comic design sculpt is great, but I'm not buying one. The requisite Super Power variant of the character gets on my nerves, mainly because the sculptors put some much effort into these pointless variants when could they spending that time and money on creating new tooling for figures people actually care about. If I want the Super Powers Steppenwolf, I'll track down the original figure.
*Most of the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figures. I still don't own a single figure from this line.

EDIT: The Indiana Jones figures appear to be hoaxes. Dammit.

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