Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Let's get this out of the way first: Mattel is really lazy and cheap when it comes to their Justice League toys. Like, embarassingly so. They reuse the same five or six basic bodies all the time and will paint anything they can get away with not sculpting. Speaking of the sculpting, Mattel's Justice League toys are notorious for not being able to stand on their own. Really, the only thing to recommend on the line's behalf is the character selection and the occasional great original sculpt.

I got Zatanna because, hey, needed more Justice League members in my DC animated colllection. A collection, by the way, that's focused on Kenner's animated-styled DC efforts, not Mattel's. Anyways, it's perfectly servicable. It uses the Black Canary figure as a base body, and you get a new head. Everything else is paint applications. Due to the sculpted outer coat, it actually looks pretty decent. The left arm which rests on her hip is too short if you really pay attention to it. The figure has two accessories: a display stand (good!) and a cane (which she can't hold in her hands).

It's an OK figure, but I can't get terribly excited about it. JLU fans are certainly pleased as punch about it. All other toy collectors will be baffled as to why people are so devoted to the line.

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