Wednesday, July 22, 2009

General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy (Rise of Cobra)

When the Rise of Cobra figures were first shown, me and AJ were both really psyched about the Hawk figure because it looked just like Dennis Quaid. It was like, who cares about Hawk, I just want a GI Joe toy of Dennis Quaid. (Who the hell says that?) He was the only figure in the line I was truly excited about. (Again, what the hell?) And like most of the internet I was then saddened to learn he'd only be available with the $100 Pit playset.

The other day I'm in Target and a single card figure of Hawk is staring at me. I'm suddenly going, what the hell? They single carded Hawk? How have I not heard of this? Didn't I just spend the last week looking up at the wave line-ups for the Rise of Cobra figures? This general level of disbelief (total time: 4 seconds) was immeadiately followed by "HOLY CRAP, I NEED TO HAVE THIS IN MY HAND BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GETS THIS! Better believe I snatched that sucker up. Happy day.

The likeness of Dennis Quaid is pretty damned good for this scale, and he comes with my favorite GI Joe accessory: briefcase! No just kidding, he comes with a Jet Pack! Everyone needs a jet pack.

Although I do like toy briefcases. It makes the figures seem like they have lives outside of war. Or are protecting/smuggling state secrets. I'm not certain how I feel about the hip holster that doesn't detach since it makes it hard to fit him in vehicles... beause Dennis Quaid should ride vehicles... with his Drgonheart co-star Sean Connery.

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