Monday, July 13, 2009

The Atom (Infinite Heroes)

Ryan Choi is the Atom. He's the successor of Ray Palmer, who went on a hiatus from heroics after his ex-wife went crazy and killed some people. Ryan Choi is actually pretty damned cool. Aside from being one of a handful of Asian-American Superheroes in the DC Universe (seriously, you can count the number on one hand and still have fingers left over, Asian heroes in the DCU don't tend to be Americans), Choi's exploits included fighting an Invasion of Heaven by Hitler with a Jetpack. Oh, and Giganta kept trying to get into his pants.

So it's sad to say that his brief reign as a hero will soon be over now that they've decided to bring Palmer back as part of DC's fetishization of nostalgia. DC, where the illusion of innovation is good enough! But they made an action figure of him (well actually two: the Batman: Brave & the Bold's Atom is also Choi) and I found it for a good price, ($2.99) so I decided to get it.

The figure has all the same problems as the other DCU Infinite Heroes. Sloppy paint, small for the scale, joint issues, mediocre sculpting, etc... But for $3 it's nice to have a Ryan Choi figure before he's completely forgotten.

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  1. Lee Danger HawkenMar 11, 2011, 4:33:00 PM

    Just FYI, DC Direct made a Ryan Choi in their 1st Appearance line. It's a good original sculpt(Not a Palmer repaint), it even has that gold thing on his back sculpted on(the device's name escapes me). My only beef is that it doesn't come with his Bang Stick, and he only has fists, no grabby hand, so even if you made your own Bang Stick he couldn't hold it. Hope this helps!