Friday, August 14, 2009

Dino-Snare Dirtbike with Carter

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. A few weeks ago I had to urge to pull my Jurassic Park figures out of storage and reread my hardcover copy of The Lost World. I then went on eBay to see what Jurassic Park toys I could get for cheap. This figure/vehicle set was one of the many Lost World toys I wanted back in 1997 that I never got around to purchasing, so I was initially fulfilled that I picked this up at a low price.

First, the good. The bike is very well-sculpted, and the paintwork is pretty good, especially on the muddy tires. The "dino-damage" action (always a high point of Jurassic Park toys) is activated by a button on the back of the bike; press it and the bike splits in half.

OK, now for the bad points. The bike can't stand on its own. The figure is poorly sculpted and isn't screen-accurate (did he even ride a bike in the movie?). It can't even hold its gun in its hands. The snare makes balancing worse, and to top it off the retractable portion is damaged in the middle, so it can't retratct all the way. At least I didn't spend the original 12 dollar retail price for it.

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