Monday, December 28, 2009


It's after Christmas, which means Hallmark stores around the country are discounting their Hallmark Keepsake ornaments.

Last year Topless Robot informed me of the Pac-Man cabinet ornament and how it was in the perfect scale for 4 inch figures. (Which I was heavily into at the time.) I figured this year they might continue the series with another arcade cabinet and I wasn't disappointed. This year they went with Galaga.

And since Hallmark clearance usually means anywhere from 25%-75% off, it means it's time for me to go out and find the Galaga arcade cabinet ornament. Fortunately there's one nearby where I live with some still left in stock.

If you put in the batteries (which I don't to prevent battery rust) you can make the screen light up and play the Galaga theme song. (The Pac-Man ornament did the same... with its own respective theme of course.) But I know what you really want to know, is it in perfect scale for 4 inch figures?



  1. very very very nice! remind me of my childhood..