Monday, December 7, 2009

Lego City Advent Calendar: Day 07

Okay folks, it's day 7 and that means we're a week into our journey of the Lego City Advent Calendar. Let's open it up and see what we get.

It's a police officer. With a mustache! And what I assume is a megaphone. Maybe it's a radar gun? Or maybe it's a sonic gun. Either way, a police officer is an interesting addition. You can't have a city without a police officer. But is it Christmas related? No. But do I care? No. I've got a Lego Police Officer! I've made a conscious decision not to buy expensive Lego sets solely for the minifigures, because when you get down to it they're not worth paying big money for, even though I appear to be the only to believe that. (I value them at $1 at most. Officially they're valued at $2.50 - $5 a piece. Unofficially they're valued at $2 - $20. For Lego minifigures. Fricking collector's market.) But I do like minifigures. Unfortunately as a result of my policy I don't have a lot of good minifigures. So getting something like this is a nice surprise.

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