Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cosmic Silver Surfer & The Swordsman

What did I say about the Swordsman being made into a minimate? That it was a long shot? When did I say that? Two months ago?

Well looks like they shut me up fast.

Of course I bought it. It's a Toys R Us exclusive. I'm never going to see one of these on the shelves again. And I do want the Swordsman, even if the only thing I know about him is that he was on the Thunderbolts. I'm a little familiar with the OLD SWORDSMAN, who was a really good swordsman who fell in love with Mantis, until he died and his body was inhabited by the spirit of some god who also loved Mantis and holy crap old Avengers comics were weird. But the new Swordsman? Nothing.

But I want to complete the Thunderbolts team after spending forever trying to find Bullseye & Moonstone.

The other figure it comes with, Cosmic Silver Surfer, is pretty much the Silver Surfer with some transparent lightning bolts from that are reuses from the Electro figure and the all purpose "energy" fists used in the mini-mate line. I've already got a Silver Surfer figure, but this one comes with a board that has pegs for his feet and a base to make it appear like it's floating. THAT IS FRICKING AWESOME!

So hey, two figures I'm really excited about. SOLID.

I'm totally putting the Surfer next to Might Muggs Galactus.

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