Saturday, December 5, 2009

House of M Spider-Man & Scorpion

Based on all the various toylines that use House of M Spider-Man as a variant, he seems pretty popular. I have no idea why. It's an okay design but without the a black spider logo I feel like something's missing.

But I didn't get this set for another version of minimate Spider-Man, nay nay. I got it for minimate Scorpion. Look at him, and his tail! Cool, until you open it up and realize that the tail's got almost no articualtion (one cut joint halfway through and a loost ball joint that keeps popping it out attached to the back harness.) Also, heavy as hell. The figure can't stand up on it's own. If you rest him on the tail he can kind of lean back in a way that isn't too bad, but this is not a self-supporting minimate.

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