Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lego City Advent Calendar: Day 22

Only 3 days left. I'm so excited!


Unfortunately it's too big to be held by any of the figures without tipping them over. OVESIZED LEGO CHAINSAW. I guess this gives us a little bit of insight into yesterday's official city axe weilder. I guess he cuts logs. In the city. Where logs are so abudandtly necessary. I guess he could be the guy who makes fire wood for yuppies who have fireplaces in their condos with central heating because why shouldn't they have luxuries that are completley pointless. Or maybe he's the dude who cuts up logs and branches that have fallen into the street during windy days. Because the city's too cheap to buy a wood chipper.

But he already has an axe. Isn't a chainsaw overkill?

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