Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Tie-Fighter

You know when I first heard that Target was having holiday special Star Wars Legos available for stocking stuffers I was skeptical since I had already seen the stocking stuffer Legos in Target and they were Racers, not Star Wars. But I was also excited, because having not gotten into Legos until this year, I missed out on the cool Star Wars Legos from the original trilogy, instead stuck with this Clone Wars animated stuff. So I kept my eyes open and BAM found them and then I tried to remember why I was excited. Because looking at the ones that were available did not excite me. They weren't iconic ships, they were representations of ships I didn't know.

Then today I was in a Target Christmas shopping (for toys, because that's all I give my friends because adult presents are expensive) and BOOM, what did I see?

Tie Fighter.

Oh right, that's why I originally got excited.

It's not bad, the minis always suffer from lack of detail because that's the nature of the beast.

Here's a shot next to a minifigure so you can get a sense of scale.

I like this, not a GREAT representation of a tie fighter, but you get it. Although it's a little fragile. I've already lost a piece somewhere in my living room. I'm sure it'll turn up, but it's so tiny that it might not. Although on the bright side, it's not a piece that's immeadiately noticeable.

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  1. Yeah, the mini legos are great. The selection this year is a little odd. The tie is great, Grievous's fighter is iffy, but at least it was in Ep. III. The Torrent fighter is in the cartoons, but is super fragile, and I always think it looks like a ripoff of the wraith fighter from starcraft. In any case, my wife bought all of them this year (multi of the TIE, of course), and she seems pretty happy with them.