Monday, February 28, 2011

Dalek Eternal

I still don't like the design of these new Daleks, but I love their ridiculously bright primary colors. So I wanted to get a figure of one of them that fully showcased how artifical and toyriffic these things are. The only one I could find (other than the Drone) for a reasonable price at the convention was this Eternal. The Eternal's role in the Dalek empire was left intentionally vague so future writers could come up with an idea.
I think I did something to mine during packing. I had to shove a bunch of figures that I got from the Doctor Who convention into my suitcase, which meant opening the packages and putting them between clothes in my suitcase. The clothes served as a cushion, but I think the joint in the eye stalk ot jammed, and now it won't move. So that sucks.
Other than that this figure does its job on my shelf, which is look hilarious over designed and "modern."


  1. I wasn't sure about the new Dalek designs at first but now I really like them. The way they fuse the retro-colouring of the Peter Cushing movie Daleks with a modern, I-pod/Smart Car sleekness is really neat.

    I'd be all over the Doctor Who toys if I could find them. The only place that sells them around here is (A) overpriced and (B) bloody miles away...

  2. Dude, buying domestically released Doctor Who toys is what the internet was built for. Hell, there's even a place that'll do checks for people who don't have credit cards.

  3. Oh I know, but I think I'd be playing catch-up too much now. I'm already trying to make-up for 3 years of GI Joe releases! :D

    I'm hoping to find the Constructor Lego-style Doctor Who toys when they come out though. At least a full set there isn't going to break the bank!


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