Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jean Grey Black Queen & Hellfire Club Guard

Hey look, they made a toy out of the most sexually charged part of the Dark Phoenix Saga. You know, when Jean gets brainwashed into thinking she should wear underwear and act like a dominatrix. Chris Claremont everybody! He loves him some brainwashing and mind control!

Oh, and also they made a Hellfire Club guard. I never knew if those dudes were supposed to be robots, cyborgs, or guys in costumes. I've lately began to think its the latter, which kind of sucks since Wolverine had a tendency to kill a lot of them. Pretty much that means he was killing a bunch of security guards. Which sucks if they weren't really evil or knew what was going on. On the other hand, they routinely beat the crap out of the X-men after the Inner Circle had neutralized the superheroes.

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  1. A bunch of Hellfire Club Guards maimed by Wolverine became the Reavers, actually.