Monday, February 14, 2011

Menace & Anti-Venom

What says Valentine's day more than Menace and Anti-Venom?

Okay, a lot of things, but Menace is the mother of Harry Osborne's son... except she thought it was Norman Osborne's because she totally cheated on Harry with his dad. Someone needs to explain why Norman Osborne routinely is able to seduce women that are the age of his son, even when they're in relationships with either his son or his son's friends. It's really getting weird. Bad enough Gwen Stacy, but come on.

Also, Anti-Venom, who is the host of the first Venom with a symbiote suit that lets him cure cancer and disolve alien symbiotes. How did he get it? Something to do with being miraculously cured of cancer. He's kind of a weird anti-hero.

Menace's head is one of those masks that come off to reveal her secret identity! Lilly Hollister. The daughter of a rich politician who is kinda like Paris Hilton, except smarter, more manipulative, and she took the Goblin Serum in order to turn herself into a transgendered super villain. Also, she's biracial so that explains the tan skin. She didn't Snooki herself up... OH GOD I MADE A JERSEY SHORE REFERENCE!

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