Sunday, February 13, 2011



From GI Joe's current Pursuit of Cobra line comes the Jungle-Viper. I had to pick this up after reading several good reviews about it, and especially after Mario acquired one. The best part about the Pursuit of Cobra line is that you are guaranteed a horde of accessories with each figure. In this case, the Jungle-Viper includes an eight-piece ghillie-suit camo disguise, a huge three-part sniper rifle, two pistols (with holsters for them in the shin and by the hip), spy goggles, and a display base.

The Jungle-Viper looks great completely enveloped in the ghillie-suit, which can be manipulated into various configurations via a series of ball-joints. If you decide you want an unadorned Cobra foot soldier, the disguise is easily removable due to the trusty use of the backpack peg hole. And don’t fret—this figure stands fine on its own even with all the gear loaded up onto it.

Really the only nitpick I have with the figure is something that's become common with a lot of Hasbro 3 ¾"-scale figures, and that’s that the implementation of hyperarticulation can be a detriment to a sculpt of this small a size. The new hinged wrist articulation found on the Jungle-Viper is neat, but it makes the wrists look chunky. Of course, this shortcoming can be obscured creative use of the ghillie-suit blades. Definitely a recommended figure.

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