Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Despite only appearing in only one televised story, the Zygons have gotten themselves some cult status. Maybe it's because of their distinctive look. Or that they can shapeshift. Or maybe it's because they control the Loch Ness Monster and have it attack a city.

Probably that last one.

This figure of the Zygons from the story is pretty accurate, right down to the lack of movement the originals had on the show. The neck isn't articulated at all, so we're essentially looking at one long torso piece. On top of that the "remote unit" they use to control the Loch Ness Mosnter looks like a barnacle that's snapped off the dude's... uh, side I guess is the way to describe it?

The Zygon also comes with the head of the Giant Robot build-a-figure. I think it's sad that I'll never finish the Robot because I'll be damned if I'm buying two VOC Robots in order to get the legs... or buy another 5th Doctor for an arm... or another Magnus Greel, just to give the Robot hands and feet. As far as I'm concerned it's a mini-bust that rocks prevariously on it's legless hips.


  1. What's nice is how they've managed to capture a bit of a ''man-in-a-rubber-suit'' look there, too.

    Weren't there rumours of the Zygons making a comeback? Oh and there's a nice 8th Doctor New Adventure in which they appear along with Professor Litefoot.

  2. This guy is creepy looking lol.

  3. zygons have appeared in books and audio plays, but I don't really count those. There's so many that they've pretty much mined every character. Only television and movies and DVD extras count in my head.