Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eleventh Doctor

Finally, a variant of a Doctor figure that I can get behind. In the past the variant figures have all been repaints, creating a new figure that wasn't a "Must Have" if you already had a figure of that Doctor. This one is the game changer.


The fez and mop. The best visual gag on Doctor Who in... geez, maybe 20 years. And they made a figure of it. It's the Doctor... wearing a fez... and carrying a mop.


This actually feels like a different character to me, one which justifies buying a new figure of the same dude again. So I've got normal 11th Doctor and Insaneo Fez Wearing Doctor. All variants should be like this.

He also comes with a sonic screwdriver accessory (the small one in his hand) which is neat, but not necessary. Also: 1/6th of the Pandorica. It's a large wall of plastic with an audio CD featuring the book on tape of the novelization of one of the classic television adventures, in this case: the Third Doctor's first adventure. On television it was known as "Spearhead in Space" but here it's called "The Auton Invasion" read by Caroline Johns, the woman who played the companion Liz Shaw in that episode. It doesn't use any audio from the original show though. Kind of disappointing, so the fact that it doubles as a build-a-prop is kinda neat. I think I like build-a-props better than build-a-figure. I don't feel the pressing need to collect them all, but if you do then hey, neat bonus. Maybe it's different when the prop is a giant stone box though.

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