Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kirk & Spock

While you're reading this, assuming you're reading this on Thursday, February 17, 2011, then I'm on my way to a Doctor Who convention. So let me give you some Star Trek stuff to read about. I picked these guys up on e-bay, and before you protest that you've seen Star Trek minimates on this blog in the past, let me assure you, you haven't.

These are the 3-inch minimates, the kind Art Asylum used to make before they realized that the 2-inch figures were more popular and needed less plastic. They're much more sturdier and don't feel like they'll snap in half when you pose them.

They're also damn hard to find considering they haven't been in production for almost a decade. I got mine on e-bay, mostly so I can place then in 3-inch designed playsets. Because Kirk+Spock in cubicles=Hilarious.

Or something like that. Look, I just like the damn figures, okay. The only gripe I've got against them is that Spock's paint job is kind of weird. There's flesh covered paint around his shoulder joint, so it looks like Spock has this huge hole in the armpit of his uniform.

Not cool Spock. Not cool.

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