Friday, February 24, 2012

Comic Book Club - Ghoulia Yelps

No, I haven't picked up any Monster High figures yet. I just bought this clothing pack.

Why? Because it has the accessories from the SDCC Monster High exclusive Cosplay Ghoulia Yelps figure. If you remember, that set featured the Zombie girl dressed up like her favorite Zombie Superhero "Deadfast" and featured her geek accessories of an original fan-fic, an action figure, and a swag bag.

Well this clothing pack expands on that idea, and has Ghoulia's clothing for when she's part of the Comic Book Club. (It's part of the theme of Extra-Curicular Activities clothing sets.) It features her t-shirt with comic book logo on it, an action figure of Deadfast in scale to the line complete with removable card so you can pretend Ghoulia collects MIB or is an open and play collector,  a comic book of Deadfast, and clothing that I assume is color coordinated as a fashion conscious zombie who is into comic books can be. So, you know, geek pride and all that.

Oh hey, they made a cartoon about it featuring Ghoulia fantasizing about being a superhero at Leper-Con.

Whoops, now I'm just watching these things for the fun of it. They made the Abominable Snowgirl into a Eastern European cold hearted Uber-woman, complete with over the top Soviet style deep pitched accent. And the Phantom of the Opera/Banshee's a rockabilly girl from New Orleans with tattoos and a Swing Dance sense of style. Hilarious. Monster High: Getting young girls indocrinated to counterculture.

HOLY CRAP, one of the characters is a living lifesize Voodoo Doll of another student. So every time he gets hurt the other student gets hurt! That's genius!

And I'm beginning to really love the synergy of the cartoon in the way that any new character, accessory set, or dress theme is eventually shown in the cartoon. Sleepover themed dolls? They have a sleepover. One of the doll is dressed for gym? And episode where they wear gym clothes. Hell, even the Build-Your Own monster figures are featured in background shots.

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