Friday, February 10, 2012


Why don't Lego Skeleton's know how to spell? Unless his parents named him this, which I don't think is how the magical skeleton thing works. But yeah, clearance Ninjago figures means I can finally see how the spinning top mechanic works and also get a Lego rice-picker hat. (Is that what they're called officially? It's just what I've been calling them. I'm Asian and I don't know the answer to this. Hooray American homogeneity!)

I think that means Wyplash is Asian. I'm going to just assume it does. The other option is the Skeleton is a non-Asian who is just wearing the hat because he's fighting Ninjas. Or its the only hat in the quasi-Asian land this franchise takes place.

Incidentally, not at all impressed by the spinning top mechanic and the game looks arbitrary and silly. I may have lost my ability to enjoy toys... says the man with a toy blog.

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