Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So let's start of with me mentioning that I'm not opening the box on this. I think that's going to be a standard on all these Funko Pop! vinyls I get. Partially because when you look at them in the box it's pretty much the same as they'll look out of the box, but with the bonus of getting the neat Pop-Art style box.

But enough about that. Elvis. I love the iconography of Elvis. His music is nice, but the legend, the symbol, that is amazing. There's a two different Elvis designs in the Funko Pop! line but the only one that really screamed: ELVIS to me is his sequined jumpsuit from the 70's. I like that era Elvis more than the young 50's style. It's more ostentatious and ridiculous! It is ROCK MUSIC!


  1. It's funny that Elvis style actually being icon when it was coming late to his life and career. His earlier days doesn't have such flashy outfit...but then again he look really good when he was younger so I think he need not have to have such iconic make over.

  2. I demand Gold Lame Elvis! Why have they not done it!

  3. I love this! Being a Elvis fan i must find one of these.