Monday, February 20, 2012

Peri and Sharaz Jek

So the first of the Classic Series Companions that Character Options made a toy of was Peri. The second was Leela.

So obviously the third figure of Classic Companions is... Peri. And the fourth is Leela. Wow, they're not even trying to pretend they're hardcore into parts and head reuse. To be fair the new Peri figure does have a new upper torso, but the head and everything below the waist are simple repaints. You can even see the sculpting for a belt beneath the pink paint. I also think its funny how

Can I just say the pose they've got Sharaz Jek's hands in make him look like an action figure from the 70's. This is probably heightened by the costume design, which is essentially all black with an exposed hand and a mask with a little white on it. Fortunately he has the newer Doctor Who Classic figures ball joint hips, so he's not as vanilla a figure as he would first seem.

The figure also come with Jek's hideously deformed face as an alternate head. There's also a head of one of his androids, but since it isn't designed to be an alternate head and none of the figures can hold it, I guess it's meant to lay at someone's feet. Kinda a lame accessory. The alternate head is cool though.

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