Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Femme Fatales Series 2

I love the disparate idea of combining the minimate body and sexiness. Somehow trying to create curves and sexiness on a block seems... well it seems to imply the worst about mankind. Like Halloween costumes for women and girls that are a little to obviously sexified for no reason other than the increased bimboization of the female image. And yet here we are with the Femme Fatale Series of minimates, minimates designed to be "sexy." The result is a hilarious disaster, so let's watch the train wreck.

Now the first two are supposed to be a sexy Alice in Wonderland and a sexy modern interpretation of Red Riding Hood. They're actually pretty generic and not to different than a dozen other interpretations of both characters, except that they're placed on the blocky body of a minimate and thus look ridiculous. But then we get to some new characters in the Minimate MAX Pirate line of Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders. One is Medusa, who has been changed from a gorgon to some sort of Siren. She doesn't turn people to stone, she just has sea based magic powers and is angry at Jack for not avoiding her seduction.... WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO HAVE HER BE MEDUSA?! The other character is Anne Bonnie, based on the real Anne Bonnie, one of the few women ever convicted of being a pirate. She was also the real Calico Jack's lover and avoided being executed by being pregnant when she was caught. Oh yeah, and she also joined up with Jack by leaving her husband and killing a bunch of people. But instead Diamond has her rocking the "Sexy Pirate" look you see on a half dozen sorority girls every Halloween.


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