Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pirate Ship

Thanks to some toy store coupons, I picked up a minimate Pirate Ship for a song. But let's skip over a review and just point out the cool special features I didn't know it came with.

So first off, the top of the captain's cabin can be lifted off and the door opened so it acts as a playset environment as well as a vehicle! Cool!

It also has a retractable plank, removable anchors, and you see those cannons? You can push them in or out of the holes in order to simulate a firing line. And the coolest part? You can do any of these things on either side of the ship. I don't know nautical terms, so I'll just say on the left or right side.

There's also a prison component where you can stash captured prisoners! And not only does that door lift up, so does...

The entire floor. This is how you reach the cannons to push them out of the holes, or you can put other minimate figures in there as they "man" the cannons. There's no where to secure them, like peg holes, but whatever, it's still pretty awesome.

The crow's nest also features a peg to secure a figure on.

And of course you get a new minimate figure with the set. This guy is Captain John... it doesn't matter. He's got a big, silly beard piece, but if you take it off and have him go bald, there's a scarred and stoic face underneath which looks a lot more pirate and a lot less Hillbilly Mountain Man.


  1. I been waiting for these to turn up in my area but no such luck yet.

  2. If this ship can float on water... my life has sense now!!!