Monday, February 13, 2012

Sinestro Corps Sinestro

Dude, it's Wave 20 Sinestro! The one with more accurate scale body party and only available wearing his Sinestro Corps uniform. If you don't know, after Geoff Johns took over the Green Lantern comics he wrote a story where Sinestro started his own Corps to rival and attack the Green Lantern Corps with the idea that by doing so he would make the Green Lantern Corps into an organization that was better prepared to police the Universe since by facing a strong and dangerous foe the Green Lanterns would be forced to be more vigilant, more authoritarian, and less naive about things like the sanctity of life. (Incidentally that's exactly the same motivation that Johns gave his new Zoom Legacy character years earlier when he was working on the Flash. I bring it up because I love hating on Geoff Johns and his hubris.)

And way back in Wave 3 of DCUC they made a Sinestro figure with an alternate Sinestro Corps uniform variant. But I didn't buy DCUC back then so I never got it. And then I got hardcore into figures of the Rainbow Corps in the DCUC lines and oh man was I pissed at myself for not buying it when I had the chance... But now I have it, and it's supposedly a better sized version, so yay!

Sooo....Random  Pro and Con

Pro: Nekron's head from the Build-a-figure works as a disembodied head of Nekron.

Con: I got this figure more out of a desire to have a definitive Rainbow Corps set than anything else. Than and I want to increase the number of figures on my DCUC Villain shelf. Yup, Sinestro isn't going on the Rainbow Corps shelf. That's already way too crowded. He'll go on the villain shelf with Luthor, Cheetah, and Joker.

Current Rainbow Corps Collection
Green Lanterns: 14 (I'm still thinking about removing the Movie Masters toys from the display.)
Sinestro Corps: 7
Red Lanterns: 3
Star Sapphires: 3
Blue Lanterns: 2
Black Lanterns: 1.15
Orange Lanterns: 1
Indigo Lanterns: 1


  1. still the improper lantern given- i scored the old one used for about 10 bucks- his paint isn't so great though- looks like they worked on that, but it's annoying they have a sculpt for his Sinestro lantern & failed to give him one

    1. I just got this one too, and I must say he is really nice. I think he's my favorite Sinestro of all!