Thursday, January 20, 2011

Archie McPhee Surprise Bag, pt. 2

Continuing on with out tour... if that's the right word... of the surprise bag of Archie McPhee (the retail arm of Accoutrements) merchandise.

Novelty Pennant flags: I really like the Chess Club one. Quick bit of trivia, I was president of Chess Club in high school. Mostly because nobody else wanted the job. So I kind of identify with that one. As for the Assistant Manager flag, I like the joke but since I'm not an assistant manager, and don't know anyone that is, I don't feel comfortable flying that one anywhere or giving it as a gift.

I Would have Paid: Chess Club Flag - $1.50, Assistant Manager Flag: $1.00

Seven Deadly Sins Silicon Wristbands: Odd that they only sent out Greed and Gluttony. Both sins I indulge in, I'm sorry to say. And really, two of the Gluttony? I guess that makes sense, since you would be a glutton if you took two... or is that Greed? Kind of cool. I don't know if I'd wear them, but I can see giving them out as gifts. And if I did wear one it'd probably be something like this.

I would have paid: $0.75 each.

I have no idea what the hell this is and I don't like it at all. Each picture is one of the 52 cards in a deck, but it also has no perforations or instructions for cutting. All of Asian people from old Kung-fu Period movies.... I'm a little offended. But mostly by the fact that I got this when I hate it so damn much.

I would have paid: $0

Novelty Swizzle Sticks. I'm not entirely sure what swizzle sticks are meant to be used for other than some sort of cocktail decoration. But since these are of pink poodles and pink elephants, I do appreciate the kitsch value a little.

I would have paid: $0.50 each

Chum flavored mint candy: Seriously. It's kind of gross but I do want to try it. Just to see, you know. And then I want to make all my friends try it.
I would have paid: $0.50 each.

That brings my attributed value of this jusnk to: $9.50

Next we're going to do the action figures, which should bring the total up fairly high.


  1. This is fun, can't wait for the next installment.

  2. I'd totally try the chum candy.

  3. In this batch am going with the Chum Candy as the best of this.


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